DCP: Diffusion Capital Partners

  • DCP, Diffusion Capital Partners is a technology transfer and seed-stage venture capital fund operating since April 2015, exclusively invests in turkey and in technology and IP intensive projects and start-ups where time to market is reasonable from a commercialization perspective.
  • Within the scope of its first fund, DCP manages total commitments of EUR 30 Million, which is planned to be invested in 30 investment rounds by the end of 2017.
  • The Fund aims to make investments on technology development and entrepreneurship tracks with a staged approach on three different levels, namely
    • Proof of Concept (PoC) stage (up to EUR100K)
    • Pilot/Prototype stage (up to EUR350K)
    • Seed Investment stage (SI)
  • Generalist and opportunistic approach towards sectors with an eye on:
    • capital efficient solutions
    • cross industry sectors (interdisciplinary projects)
    • reasonable time to market (adoption in 2-3 years)
    • connection with global macro trends
    • technologies that are going through changes in their life cycle
    • connection with Turkey’s driving sectors
    • opportunistic IP focus