VentureWell is a higher education NGO that cultivates revolutionary ideas and promising inventions for impact. For nearly twenty years, VentureWell has a mission to launch new ventures from an emerging generation of young inventors driven to improve life for people and the planet.

Student inventors are at the heart of VentureWell who helps cultivate their skills and creativity and bring their ideas to market. Often VentureWell is the first to validate, support and guide an idea with potential, allowing student entrepreneurs to take the important first step toward launching a business. Support has given rise to companies such as Evocative Design and Sanergy—recognized as some of the most innovative and environmentally friendly companies in the world.

Academics are key to the success of the student inventors VentureWell supports. VentureWell has spent the last twenty years revolutionizing higher education by building a community of faculty dedicated to instilling invention and entrepreneurship across campus. It funds faculty to create new courses and programs in which students develop inventive ideas and gain the entrepreneurial skills they need to bring inventions to market. With VentureWell’s support, almost 600 new courses and programs have been established across 160 campuses nationwide to transform education, especially in science, engineering and business.

VentureWell makes strategic financial investments that have exponential impact. Over $7.5 million in grants were given to over 500 student teams – and with that they’ve raised more than $620 million to launch new businesses. More than half of these startup ventures are still in business today, operating in over 50 countries and reaching millions of people with ground-breaking innovations.

The Lemelson Foundation, The Kaufmann Foundation, The US Department of State, National Science Foundation (NSF), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Intel and USAID are among those who recognize VentureWell model as the most effective model to train and launch a new generation of scientists that will change the world.

Key Programs:

I-Corps - VentureWell is the lead partner with the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) to deliver their I-CorpsTM program. Since 2011, VentureWell has helped support more than 700 teams from across the United States in self-assessing their technology for market potential.

Global Innovation in Science and Technology (GIST) – Through partnership with the United States Department of State, VentureWell has supported more than 400 early stage startups from around the globe. Many have gone on to raise funding and gain international exposure through support and training provided as a part of this program.

ASPIRE – With support of the Kauffman Foundation, VentureWell has developed an innovative model for incubator training and support. More than 30 teams have participated in the ASPIRE training model which has enabled significant success for ventures across the US and globally.