FR Partner TTOs

The Accelerator of Technology Transfer Companies (Les Sociétés d’Accélération de Transfert de Technologie, or SATT) are French private TTOs, shared between several public research organizations, created to develop and commercialize research results to be transformed into innovative products.

The SATT’s network has been implemented in 2013 as part of the measures for the “Investment for the Future” program (PIA-Programme Investissement d’Avenir), whose ambition is to meet the innovation gap. In this context, 14 SATTs have been created, as the cooperation between the public research and the private sector has been identified as key for economic competitiveness. The main shareholders for each SATT are regional public research establishments and the French state.

In France, SATTs have the challenging mission to accelerate the transformation of French research into innovations. Their aim is to enhance the value and to accelerate the process of technology transfer from public funded research toward industry. SATTs evaluate market and license technology from French Universities and Public Research Organizations.

Bpifrance seats at the board of the national management SATT comity. Furthermore, a contact point among Bpirance’s Innovation Division manages the relationship at the national level with the 14 SATT presidents. At a regional level, Bpifrance seats at the board of each of the 14 SATTs.

SATTs have become an actor of economic development to reinforce company competitiveness, with an emphasis on SMEs and start-ups.

As of 30 June 2016, 14 active SATTs include:

  • 548 highly qualified professionals
  • 6690 disclosures evaluated
  • 1431 priority patent applications filed
  • 404 license agreements
  • 132 start-ups