The main focus of the business development activities of TTA Turkey AdviSeNet Project is to facilitate identification of investment ready opportunities for the TTA Turkey Funds (ACT Venture Partners and DCP Diffusion Capital Partners).

Business development leaders, Doğan Taşkent and Duygu Öktem play an important role for continuous screening of venture opportunities across Turkey. They work closely with the TTOs, technoparks, incubators, accelerators, research centers and universities.

In this regard, Doğan and Duygu are responsible for different universities in order to ensure efficiency. They are travelling to different cities to visit universities and meet academicians, TTO managers and technoparks. The overall aim is to screen the portfolio of each TTO, incubation centre and technopark to facilitate identification of investment ready opportunities.

After screening if the project is found to be good enough to be shared with TTA Turkey Fund managers; Doğan and Duygu coach and assist teams to prepare good quality pitch decks. The Pitch Deck Template was formed by considering best practices as well as comments of TTA Turkey Funds. For each potential investment deal (pitch deck), Business Development Leaders writes a one-page executive summary to give brief information about the potential deal with a personal note to TTA Turkey Funds.

What do we look for in the Pitch Deck? 

  • Description of need or the problem
  • What is the solution that addresses this problem?
  • What is your product and what is the technology behind it?
  • What is different in that technology or product, what makes you so special? Tell us about your competitors. 
  • What is your initial market, what is your total addressable market?
  • What is your business model – how are you going to make money?
  • What are the next commercialization steps? What is the go to market strategy? 
  • How are you going to achieve it?
  • Tell us about the team.