VPDP Teams

A call was opened for Business Idea and Technology Applications for 20 selected TTOs on May 10, 2016. Each of the selected 20 TTO was invited to disseminate the call to their IP and technology portfolio owners. A total of 105 business idea and technology applications received from 20 TTOs.

Two Technologies/Business Ideas from each of the 20 TTO are selected through TTA Turkey AdviSeNet Project Team screening and interviewing and 40 teams are recruited for the VPDP training Round 1 and Round 2.

  • Teams are early stage ventures
  • Teams are seeking investment
  • IP (if any) are present and protected
  • Teams are 3-4 people comprised of the following:
    • Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) – The CEO or Founder
    • Technical Lead (TL) – The Inventor or CTO
    • TTO Mentor (TM) – Representative from TTO
    • Optional 4th Member (Up to the institution)
  • All team members are expected to participate in this program
  • Teams are willing to be questioned and critiqued throughout the training process

During the 8 week training program, instructors conduct health check of teams at some milestones where the health check entails a review of entire teams' attendance at Office Hours, presentations and attendance at weekly webex sessions, conducting customer interviews, conveying key learnings and insights, and completing and uploading required homework assignments each week. If any team fail to meet one or more of those critical expectations, they are not given the opportunity to present their projects to the investors at the closing workshop.

List of Teams presenting their projects at the VPDP Closing Workshop

Sıra Company/ Institution Name Team Nr Team Name Mentor TTO Entrepreneurial Lead Technical Lead Mentor Mail
1 BLG Robotik Otomasyon 110 Dynamic Scheduling ARİNKOM TTO Onur Bilge Ozan Açık Mentor Mail
2 Inventra Mühendislik 112 MagneDamp Bilkent TTO Yusuf Dabakoğlu Burkay Demir Mentor Mail
3 PRZ BioTech 113 GENE SIGNATURE Bilkent TTO Şükrü Atakan Seçil Demirkol Mentor Mail
4 Ege University 115 Geopolymer Concrete EBİLTEM Özge Andıç Arif Emre Son Mentor Mail
5 MIPS ARGE & Yazılım 116 Cell Count Erciyes TTO Şule Başaran Kübra Eset Mentor Mail
6 Yonca CBS 119 Naviskop Fırat TTO Naci Karataş Galip Aydın Mentor Mail
7 Hacettepe University 122 Dermocosmetic Inhibator HT-TTM Mutlu Aydemir Ezgi Uyral Mentor Mail
8 Hacettepe University 123 Cartilage Slicer HT-TTM Sanem Yalçıntaş Gülbaş Onur Ergün Mentor Mail
9 Koç University 124 Handheld INR Koç TTO (APGTTD) Gökhan Sağlam Merve Gökçe Mentor Mail
10 Koç University 125 SILVER CHALCOGENIDES Koç TTO (APGTTD) Mustafa Barış Yağcı İbrahim Hocaoğlu & Funda Acar Yağcı Mentor Mail
11 METU 126 Nanowire Coated Heatable ODTÜ TTO Doğa Doğanay Şahin Coşkun Mentor Mail
12 RF-SENS Electronics 127 ColiSense ODTÜ TTO Ahmet Kuzubaşlı İlker Comart & Kazım Sömek Mentor Mail