About VPDP

The Venture Pipeline Development Program (VPDP) training is an intensive business development hands on training activity which requires participation by the 20 TTOs selected. A core component of training as is the use of real technologies rather than case study for training of TTOs. 

The premise is that only living cases provide the opportunity for real learning that can lead to an increase in the strategic potential pipeline for TTA Turkey Funds in Turkey. 

All teams are expected to build a solid business model around their technology based upon 100 interviews conducted with potential customers, investors, partners and collaborators (i.e. customer discovery).  At the end of training, all teams will present a Go/No Go finding related to the technology in question based on information discovered as a part of this program.

Venture Pipeline Development Program – VPDP is;

  • Structured Program to accelerate TTO ventures/technologies 
  • Based on Lean Start Up Methodology combined with specific Deal Identification
  • Best Practice for implementation at TTOs’ university 
  • Rapid Acceleration Program to find investable deals for TTA Funds 

VPDP training lasts 8 weeks in duration and it is organized by VentureWell. 

The VPDP sequence is as follows:

  • Opening Session: 3 Days in Person (Ankara or Istanbul)
    • Intro to the Course 
    • Business Model Development/VP/Customer Development 
    • Team Introductions with Technical Video (1 Minute) 
    • Best Practices for Customer Discovery 
    • Get out of Building 
  • Virtual Sessions:  Weekly WebEx and Office Hours
    • Distribution Channels 
    • Customer Relationships 
    • Revenue Models 
    • Partners 
    • Key Activities/Resources 
    • Assignments and Monitoring Each Week 
  • Closing Session: 2 Days in Person (Ankara or Istanbul)
    • One on One sessions with Teams 
    • Pitching team’s Story 
    • Review of Presentations 
    • Final Demo Day Presentation 

TTA Turkey Funds (ACT and DCP) will be present for final presentations to identify potential deals of interest.