Bpifrance is a financial institution resulting from the gathering of OSEO financing professions and the Strategic Investment Fund (FSI), the FSI Regions and CDC enterprises activities. Bpifrance has been, since the 1st January 2013, the armed wing of the French State at the company’s competitiveness and growth service. Indeed, it addresses top national ambition: supporting enterprises in order for them to innovate, invest, grow and export.

Bpifrance operates for a broad spectrum of enterprises, all along their development. Moreover, it is also able to stabilize the shareholding of large companies.

Its major activities are:

  • Innovation funding,
  • Guarantees on bank financing and venture capital,
  • Investment and operational cycle financing of the SME (small and medium enterprises) and midcap companies, alongside banking and financial institution
  • Equity investment, directly or through partner funds, in SME, midcap companies and large companies.
  • Supplying of all the financial products supporting export, mainly from Ubifrance and Coface, through the Bpifrance Export label.

Acting in the French Regions, Bpifrance relies on a decentralized network of more than 40 regional offices, being in direct contact with the entrepreneurs and their partners: 90% of the decision making is located in the regional offices.

Bpifrance is running several innovation support programs, either for individual companies or for collaborative research and innovation projects (of which clusters projects). 5000 companies are supported annually with innovation funding products, out of 85 000 customers in total with guarantees, investments and co-financing. Bpifrance is running several investment funds dedicated to innovation support, in ecotechnologies, life sciences, ICT and other sectors. 1000 companies are invested in average each year, either directly or through the fund of fund activity.