I-Corps NIN

I-Corps™ National Innovation Network (NIN)

VentureWell and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have combined forces to launch the “National Innovation Network” (NIN) to help university researchers to fast track their technological innovations and bring their discoveries to people who need them. To kick off the formation of the NIN, 100 members of the NIN convened for the first time in April 2014 in Bethesda, MD to discuss their innovations and experiences on the road to commercialization.

NIN connects researchers to a national pipeline of collaborators, mentors and partners, and provides them with cutting-edge tools and educational resources to form successful startups and commercialize their products. Hundreds of NSF-funded researchers participate in the NIN, which VentureWell guides and facilitates. Working together, this network of thinkers is addressing America’s needs for innovation education, infrastructure, and research.

With the NIN, NSF has accelerated the development of a national innovation ecosystem that reaches deeply and broadly across the country to engage the most creative and consequential research discoveries and talents in the process of entrepreneurship. I-Corps™ Teams—the researchers whose innovations and energy drive the ecosystem—learn to be market focused entrepreneurs at trainings hosted by I-Corps™ Nodes, which are universities equipped by NSF to support regional needs for innovation education, infrastructure and research. Other universities host I-Corps™ Sites that accelerate this ecosystem by catalyzing and nurturing the formation of many more candidate I-Corps™ Teams. In the past two years, the NIN has grown from 3 to 33 universities.

NIN homepage provides a central point for information on the I-Corps™ programs with links to all the nodes, sites, and NSF resources for NIN.

To view a powerpoint presentation and an overview of the I-Corps™ NIN click here: Introduction to the NIN and I-Corps NIN Overview.